SBC8: Commenting on other blogs (Very interesting…and stuff)

So… I’m back

This week, I checked out three different blog posts (links below) and I wasn’t disappointed, not that I had any expectations to begin with.

First, I looked at Nook’s post about why French fries are called French fries, interesting information

I also viewed Jori’s blog about how to deal with bullying, if any of you are bullied, this post has some pretty good advice

Last but definitely not least, Kayden’s blog post about his favorite subjects.

And of course, here are the links

Why Are French Fries Called French Fries? (SBC4)

My Favorite Subjects


This will probably be my last post so I would like to thank the people who read my blog, you have very good tastes, kidding, but seriously thank you


Genius Hour

Hey guys, this week I’m going to be talking (writing?) about my…

“drum roll” “drum roll” “drum roll” “drum roll” “drum roll”

Genius Hour Presentation!!!

It’s basically when you choose your own topic and search for information about it in class, you’ll then make a presentation about it and talk to the class about what you learned, simple right?

Me, being the closet nerd I am, I choose Submarines during World war 1 for my presentation. I choose that topic since I had never studied World war 1 before and I wanted to learn more about it, I was also interested in submarines, so my simple mind was just like “Why not put them together?” and this is what I came up with, smart right?

My research question was just plainly “How did submarines make an impact during World war 1?”. I learned a whole lot actually, mostly the history of submarines, their origins, who created them, who used them during World war 1, what they were used for and so one, I also looked at how submarines were built but I didn’t look into it to much. I did learn about submarine attacks and how they played out too. (If you’d like to see my presentation I’ll leave the link at the end of this post)


Image result for submarines sketchI feel as if the project helped me learn more stuff about submarines and World war 1 altogether (obviously) and that it helped me progress as a student since I’ve never done something like this before and I found it fun. It was something I looked forwards to everyday that we had genius hour. I’d like to think I helped others with my presentation although I’m pretty sure that to them I was just giving them an extra history lesson.

In my next Genius Hour project I plan on studying more about Space or a specifique planet. This presentation will probably just help others understand more about Space and the world outside Earth and stuff. It’ll mostly help me since I’m pretty sure I’m going through a serious space phase at the moment.

And of course, here’s the link to my presentation, I know it’s very simple but I had limited time for the presentation

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do you guys have an idea for what topic I can use for my next Genius Hour? I would like to hear your suggestions, or do you think Space is a good topic? Answer in the comments 🙂

-Nikon D300, “Submarines”, Creative Commons, 640×457, 12019, Pixabay, 9 June 2013,                      –MS-29 Yono, “IS-120 Ghadir Class Midget Sub – research quest”, Covert Naval Blog, 26 Dec 2010,

SBC5: Schools, schools and more schools

Image result for schools

(Creative Commons,”New hope for charter schools in England”, 23 Sept, 2012)

There are so many different schools in the world, it’s only natural that there are different timetables. I might as well compare the ones of my old schools to ISD.

My school in Italy for example had us starting at 8:30 in the morning, we then had one of our classes before going to lunch at 12:30 and proceeding with our last class of the day at 1:30, ending school at 3:30. Schools in San Salvador had the same schedule besides the fact that we started at 9:30.

In the US, as always, school started at 8:30 and ended at 3:20 but we had 3 classes before lunch (11:45-12:30) and 4 classes after lunch. All classes lasted 55 minutes.

At the french school in Dakar (Jean Mermoz) school starts at 7:45, it ends at 11:30 for elementary but for everything above it (Middle school to High school) ends either at 3:55 or at 4:55. On Wednesdays everyone finishes at 11:30 since it’s a half day. Classes last about 55 minutes besides Science, PE and Tech that last an hour and a half. Similar to the US, there are 4 classes before lunch, which can be from one to two hours long, and 3 classes after that, even though they’re most likely written off as study block.

I’ve never seen any school with a timetable like ISDs. We start at 8:30,go to 2 classes (Classes are an hour and a half long) before having lunch (25 minutes) and having another 2 classes, ending at 3:20.

I’m sure that there are even weirder school schedules in the world but my personal favorite was Italy, mostly because there were only 2 classes every day 😛

SBC4: That one urban legend post nobody asked for

Image result for the vanishing hitchhiker

(Creative Commons, “The vanishing hitchhiker” 5 Aug, 2015)

Since it was Halloween on Tuesday, I might as well post something kind of scary. This actually happened to one of my friends in Italy, and it is pretty creepy.

She was with her mom and they were driving towards my house when a figure appeared on the side of the road and waved. They stopped the car and the mom had a conversation with the person before letting the woman into the car. They began driving again and my friend realized that the woman was staring straight ahead.
-Where do you want to go?
Her mom asked
-We’re close
My friend moved farther away from the woman in fright
The car came to a halt and my friends mom looked around
-Are you sure…
-Yes, it’s here
-What’s here?
-This is where I died
The mom whirled around only to find an empty seat and my friend staring at the spot where the woman had been.

Now, I never received confirmation from her mom if this actually happened, a few years later I learned about the urban legend and wondered if, logically, it could happened. Do you guys think it’s possible? Cause I’m lost