SBC4: That one urban legend post nobody asked for

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(Creative Commons, “The vanishing hitchhiker” 5 Aug, 2015)

Since it was Halloween on Tuesday, I might as well post something kind of scary. This actually happened to one of my friends in Italy, and it is pretty creepy.

She was with her mom and they were driving towards my house when a figure appeared on the side of the road and waved. They stopped the car and the mom had a conversation with the person before letting the woman into the car. They began driving again and my friend realized that the woman was staring straight ahead.
-Where do you want to go?
Her mom asked
-We’re close
My friend moved farther away from the woman in fright
The car came to a halt and my friends mom looked around
-Are you sure…
-Yes, it’s here
-What’s here?
-This is where I died
The mom whirled around only to find an empty seat and my friend staring at the spot where the woman had been.

Now, I never received confirmation from her mom if this actually happened, a few years later I learned about the urban legend and wondered if, logically, it could happened. Do you guys think it’s possible? Cause I’m lost

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One thought on “SBC4: That one urban legend post nobody asked for”

  1. Wow, Layla,
    Urban legends can sometimes be terrifying especially if they involve ghosts. I would be petrified if something like what you described happened to me.

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